International Blog Action Day

This years theme for INTERNATIONAL BLOG ACTION DAY is POVERTY. On the eve of International Blog Action Day there were more than 8,600 blogs commited to speaking out againts poverty.

Poverty affects millions of people worldwide. Turning a blind eye won’t make it go away. There is no shame in being affected by poverty- but there is shame in seeing and doing nothing about it.

This footpath leads to the front gates of a primary school. Everyday the children who go there face the cold reality of poverty. It’s easy to think that poverty isn’t ‘my’ problem and drive on by. The reality for us though is that – it is. It’s not just these children who feel the cold face of living in poverty, it’s children all around the world.

There are many community  and international organisations committed to helping children such as The Global Fund For ChildrenThe Child Poverty Action Group , Books in Homes and each organisation plays a valuable role in society. Why not follow the links and see what you can do to make a difference?

It’s not just money that is needed to help break the cycle of poverty. Some of the most valuable things in life are free. You could mentor a child, coach a sports team or take a walking group to and from school. Spending time with a child can make a huge difference in their lives, you may not see it but what counts is that you helped to make it, that you didn’t turn a blind eye.  Most schools will gratefully receive supplies that you no longer need such as newspapers and empty ice-cream containers. The excess fruit from your citrus trees could be somebodies breakfast. Even in developed countries there are children going to school hungry.  It’s an International problem that calls for us to make changes for the better. It’s time to say no to child poverty.


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